Numer (54) 4/2022

1. Paulina Bartoszewicz, Magdalena Bereźniak, Kinga Wiśniewska, Jarosław Szewczyk
Rammed earthen farm buildings in Tworkowice, Ciechanowiec Commune, N-E Poland
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-01

2. Andrzej Dudziński
The problems with the application of contemporary software for the analysis of shadowing of architectural objects
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-02

3. Aneta Godlewska, Magdalena Ignatowicz, Halina Łapińska
Inventory materials of wooden country houses in Soce village, Narew Community
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-03

4. Michał Golański
Advances in digital design and fabrication of wooden architecture
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-04

5. Justyna Juchimiuk
Energy metamorphosis of cities and buildings
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-05

6. Justyna Juchimiuk
Renewable energy sources in architecture of the World EXPO
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-06

7. Halina Łapińska
The directions and indicators concerning the process of shaping the environment on the basis of changes in the local zoning plan and land use in the rural administrative district of Białowieża
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-07

8. Andrzej Tokajuk
Two experimental housing concepts from Amsterdam – comparative analysis
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-08

9. Jadwiga C. Żarnowiecka
Parisian palimpsest – Paris before and after the „revolutions” of Haussmann
DOI: 10.24427/aea-2022-vol14-no4-09

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